Bond Exhibition

The original exhibits from more than 50 years of 007 film history come from the collection of Bond specialist Chris Distin and provide unprecedented insights into the world of James Bond.

Even as a child, Distin was fascinated by the secret agent 007 and this passion has not left him until today. After more than 20 years of collecting, the Englishman can look back with pride on one of the world’s largest private collections with over 500 original props and production items from the James Bond films. Many of the exhibits have now found a permanent place in the German Espionage Museum in Berlin. Chris Distin’s collection includes not only the original props but also costumes and production items from all 25 Bond films that have conquered the cinema screens over a period of 50 years.

SKYFALL – Original police motorbike from the chase.

This is a Turkish police motorbike that the bad guy Patrice (Ola Rapace) uses to escape after an accident. Bond rides a similar motorbike to involve Patrice in a high-speed chase through the streets and rooftops of Istanbul.

CASINO ROYALE James Bond’s implanted tracking chip

“M” (Judi Dench) worries about Bond and has the agent injected with a tracking chip so that MI6 knows where 007 is at all times. The chip also enables doctors to monitor Bond’s bodily functions, which saved his life when Bond was poisoned with digitalis while playing poker in Montenegro.

CASINO ROYALE Original business card from Vesper Lynd .

Vesper (Eva Green) introduces herself to Bond on the train to Montenegro with the words “I am the money”. She presents Bond with one of her business cards, which identifies her as an employee of the Treasury.

DIE ANOTHER DAY – Korean soldier uniform

A complete uniform of one of General Moon’s soldiers from the opening sequence set in North Korea.

LIVE AND LET DIE Original hang-glider by James Bond

This original hang glider is used by James Bond (Roger Moore) in the film to glide around Kananga Island. First 007’s kite flyer is pulled by boat and by pressing the red button on the crossbar he signals that the tow line can be released when he gets close to his destination on land. Bond can kick one of the guards in flight and knock him off a cliff before Bond lands safely.

NEVER SAY NEVER AGAIN Special effects Weapon from Navy Seals

This M3 machine gun is a mechanical special effects prop that ejects bullet casings by means of a spring mechanism so that it appears to fire real bullets.

SPECTRE Original Spectre Ring

The Spectre rings play an important role in the plot of the film of the same name. Three types of rings were made for the production: metal, fragile plastic rings and rubber rings. The fragile rings are designed so that they easily break apart if they get caught in something, so that the actors do not run the risk of hurting their fingers. The rubber rings are used for stunt work; one was worn by stuntman Alessandro Cremonas in the role of Marco Sciarra in the helicopter fight scene.

LICENSE TO KILL Original Electric Eel

This tremor eel made of foam comes from the scene that takes place in the Milton Krest camp. Bond hooks a guard into an aquarium where the eel kills him with an electric shock. The prop is moulded from hard foam material and has a metal rod inside. With two protruding rods that can be moved sideways, the eel can be moved left and right by pressure. Good observers will notice that there is no water in the aquarium of the electric eel.