Bond Club Wattenscheid

The Bond Club Wattenscheid was founded in 2020 with the aim of enriching district culture, especially in Wattenscheid, with new and complementary cultural non-profit event formats.

The year 2020 as an anniversary year – 100 years of James Bond – is to be seen as the initial spark for the club’s activities, and so the club’s commitment begins with events in autumn 2020 around this theme.

Formats such as cinema and live screenings, readings, guided tours, city tours, escape-room events, in particular on the history of Wattenscheid, will be used, whereby intercultural and inner-societal exchange will be promoted. The association acts in an honorary capacity, so that admission to the events can be offered as far as possible free of charge or at comparatively low admission fees.

When organising cultural and historical-educational events in the Wattenscheid district and its surroundings, historical knowledge about individual districts, persons and well-known personalities and about the historically developed district culture is conveyed.